Skull Cave

Skull Cave (also known as Dave and Nate Cave) was discovered by a couple of young kids, apparently named Dave and Nate. They visited Timpanogos Cave in 1988, and while doing so, mentioned to the NPS staff that they had discovered their own private cave. They pointed across the canyon to show the approximate location, gave a brief description of the cave, and then went home (leaving no contact or other information). The NPS staff mentioned this to Dave Herron, pointed out the approximate location, and after searching Dave re-located this small and partially decorated cave.

A picture of the flat stone covering the entry.
Michael headed in.

Spee admiring some of the formations.
The entrance tunnel on the right, Spee and his headlamp on the left.

Spee and the largest formations in the cave.

Michael pointing out the soda straws.

Fun with lights.

Michael just inside the entrance. Spee back in the large room.

The main feature of the cave is this large stalagmite.

These beehive stalagmites are interesting features as well.

Michael Coles exiting the cave.