Ricks Spring Cave - 2,200+ ft. long

There are two caves at Ricks Spring. One is the small entrance you can see just left of the spring. It extends back about 25' and then turns to the right and dead ends into a round room. The second cave is inside the spring itself. As it turns out, the spring is a continuation of the Logan river that has found its way into a natural fissure and ends up resurfacing here. There is currently an estimated 2,200 ft. of explored underwater passage. At one point it opens up to a dry area with a waterfall that required some climbing, then the cave continues even further underwater. You can read more about it here after signing up for a free subscription. http://thedecostop.com/forums/showthread.php?t=40220

The following pictures are courtesy of Wendell Nope and Josh Thornton of inside the submerged Ricks Springs Cave. You can see all the pictures from the trip on Wendell's website (http://www.wendellnope.com/rickspic.htm)

This sign is just inside the entrance. How many of you would turn around once you read it?

After nearly 2000' of passage a waterfall and open cavern is encountered.

Above the falls the passage continues submerged until this breakdown stops any further progress in the cave. Hopefully in the next few trips they will be able to break through and map another 2300' of passage!