Juke Box Cave

Juke Box Cave was used as a dance hall by airmen stationed at Wendover during World War II.  A concrete floor that was poured in the cavern for dancing and recreation during that time.

Looking back up at the entry.

Some Rare Indian writings inside.

Images courtesy of Tee's Adventure Blog

Danger Cave

Danger Cave Prior to the gate being installed.

Danger Cave today.

Danger Cave is a cluster of dry caves near the western edge of the ancient Lake Bonneville, in the eastern portion of the Great Basin. The caves contain the archaeological remains discovered by Jesse D. Jennings, Sr. in 1949. The caves contain remains spanning most of the post-glacial time, the earliest carbon-14 dated to 11,000 BP.

Evidence in the cave shows that hunter-gatherers lived in the area as early as 10,000 BP, which is believed to be shortly after the extinction of the mammoth and saber tooth tiger. The evidence from Danger Cave presents a compelling view of a long-lived Great Basin Desert Culture and dates the Archaic Native American Culture to 11,000 BP.

Some of the lithic artifacts found in Danger Cave were different types of projectile points, scrapers, gravers, knives, and drills. Other artifacts that were excavated were twined matting and basketry, course cloth, coiled basketry, hide moccasins, wooden knife handles, dart and arrow shafts with broken projectile points in place, bundles of gaming sticks, and milling stones.

The land surrounding the caves was set aside as a Utah State Park, but funds have never been provided to develop the site.

Danger Cave Archaeological Site
Utah State Parks and Recreation
Administrative Office
1594 West North Temple, Suite 116
P.O. Box 146001
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6001


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