Not Stink Pit

Found this one accidentally when trying to find Stink Pit. It goes horizontal for about 6 feet, the drops about 20 vertical feet down. It's slippery, but can be down climbed if careful. It has one crawl that didn't appear to go anywhere. And another one that looked too small to fit very far.


Daniels Canyon Cave

After seeing this hole several times on my way up Daniels Canyon we finally decided to stop and explore it.

This is a rough map. We did not officially survey it, but this is basically how it looks.

The opening can be seen from the main road up the canyon and is directly across from Clegg Canyon.

Just inside it turns sharply to the left and then again to the right up into a crack for about 20 ft until it gets too tight, but there is still a good breeze in the back signifying that it could continue on a ways further.

Timpanogos Cave

While Timp. Cave is a guided cave, it is definitely worth a trip to go and see. While it does not have very many large rooms like Minnetonka, it does have many beautiful formations. You can learn more about the cave at

The trail.

The "Heart" of the cave.

Middle Cave lake.

The salt and pepper shakers.


Minnetonka Cave

Although this one is really in Idaho, it is so close to being in Utah we decided to post it here. You can follow this link to learn more about the cave, and it is one we highly recommend visiting if you are in the Bear Lake area.


Extra Wife Cave

This small cave is located about 50' above Polygamy Cave. Not too exciting, but we took a few minutes to dig the tight spots.

Map courtesy Brandon Kowallis.
The entrance is left of center.

The small opening in the cave floor. You can hear rocks falling for quite a while down this litte hole.
We dug it out for a bit, but it would take a good sledge hammer to get the last rock out of the passage if you want to pack one up there.

Springville Cave

Springville Cave is a very popular cave and has had several large stalagmite broken by careless explorers. It is mostly horizontal following a fissure in the cliff for about 300 feet. There are a few places to chimney up into the ceiling and find a few other passages if you are daring enough and willing to hold on to guano. This cave may also be known as Rocky Bottom Cave or Rabbit Ear Cave.

As you can see there has been a lot of damage to these curtains.

Lots of curtains.

The upper portion has some nice features like this interesting column.

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