Moqui Cave(s)

Moqui Cave is a "tourist trap" on Highway 89 just outside of Kanab, Utah. They charge a $5.00 entrance fee just inside the front door. There is a nice gift shop inside as well as a large display of flourescent minerals and historic artifacts. The tour guides are the owners of the property who provide a nice short history of the cave and are very pleasant to talk to. It's quite a large cave for being basically a sandstone grotto. As you continue toward Kanab you can see several other smaller caves in the side of the cliffs. Here is the link to their web site:

The cave was purchased by the current owners and made into a tavern and a dance hall many years ago.

This is the large dance hall room where the flourescent mineral display is located.

Just outside of Kanab, UT there's a bunch of cool sand caves. None of them are true caves, in the sense that you can get far enough back to not need a light. But they're still a fun and interesting place to visit. If you look all around the area, there are many of these 'caves', but please respect private property signs.