Green Eyed Monster

Green Eyed Monster is another cave that never would have been seen if some miners didn't happen to dig right into it. After a tight squeeze at the bottom of this corrugated tube, the mine drift continues for quite a ways until it broke into the cave. The features inside are very interesting and most have a strange green tint to them.

You can find plan and profile maps here: ,

The entrance. Permission must be obtained by the land owner before entering the mine.

Jeff and John in "The Big Room"

Cameron & Jeff in "The Big Room"

Cameron climbing into the "Hump Room".

Looking up into the "Attic".

A small rimstone pool in "The Loop".

Cameron in "The Phosphorescent Crack".

Spencer in "The Phosphorescent Crack".

The entire group in "The Column Room" (From left to right: John, Cameron, Sam, Scott, Jeff, Spencer, Shane [behind the camera])

Our guides Scott and Sam ( S & S Adventures) in "The Column Room".

Shane standing between two columns in the "Hump Room".

Spencer squeezing through the tight spot on "The Loop".
This cave easily makes our top 10 list because of the quantity and size of the formations, the large rooms and beautiful colors.

The following pictures were taken in the Medusa Room on the original discovery trip made back in 1973. Images are courtesy of Stephen Kendorski.