Excavation Cave

Excavation Cave is another little cave up Little Rock Canyon. There is a cave register nearby one can sign if they're in the area caving.


Turret Cave

Turret Cave is a little cave in Little Rock Canyon. You can crawl through a lower entrance, and come out another hole above.


Dance Hall Cave

Dance Hall Cave is really just a large grotto that is visible from the main road along American Fork Canyon. In the 1880s, Alva A. Green, Sr., established a dance hall inside of it as a place to gather out of the hot valley sun. A platform was constructed for the dance floor and an orchestra sat on one of the cave's ledges. The cave was not used as a dance hall for very long due to difficulty in access and poor lighting.

Rock Creek Crack

While searching for an old mine along Rock Creek we stumbled upon this small hole. Upon squeezing throught the opening it dropped into a nice crack about 25' long and 15' high. Not really a true cave, but still fun to explore.


Stone Plug Cave

Stone Plug Cave is one of the biggest in Little Rock Canyon (north of Rock Canyon) at only 50' long. After a fairly large entrance there is a tight 10' crawl to a dome with a 8" stalactite. Then another 30' crawl to a where flowstone plugs the passageway. This cave is also home to a mountain lion, so approach with caution.

This room is just inside the entrance with the opening to the crawl in the back. Rod Horrocks dug the tight crawl open to expose the rest of the cave back in the 70's.

This is the flowstone plug at the back of the cave.  

Map courtesy of Rodney Horrocks.