12 Mile Cave

While exploring the west desert we stumbled upon this cave entrance.  From below it looked like it had a good possibility of going, but unfortunately it was not as promising as it looked. Just inside the cave splits into two passages. Both of which dead end only 6 - 8 ft. back and are filled with pack rat nests.

 The center passage.
The left passage.


Perfect Arch

The entrance to Perfect Arch is actually an old mine. The mine itself is fairly extensive and there is a dangerous drop near the back that should be avoided. A few hundred feet back from the entrance is where the natural cave was encountered.
This is the main room. Not very big, but beautifully decorated with gypsum crystals.
This is the largest stalagmite and the only column we found in this cave.
One portion of the cave is covered in these yellowish mamalaries.
Many of the stalagmites have been broken off and are missing in this cave.
After the main room an arched tunnel system begins that is covered with white gypsum crystals. Great care should be taken when crawling through these passages.  You can see that a lot of dirt is ending up on the walls from previous visitors.
This is looking down one of the passages. While climbing down it my brother suddenly yells "skunk!" I don't think I have seen everyone freeze that fast in a long time. And I didn't know that skunks lived inside of caves until now. So be careful if you visit this one!
These gypsum hairs are extremely delicate formations. Please do not touch or even breathe on these.