Muddy Bones Fissure

This cave is simply an open fissure.  It drops 125' to the first floor and then reaches 146' deep through a side passage. There was really only one small part of this cave that had any formations and they were minimal at best. Most of the walls are covered with mud that flows in during rain storms and spring thaw. We took the time to survey the cave while we were there, so a map will be coming shortly.

 Looking down into the entry.

  Looking back up at the entry from about 40' down.
Someone attempted to do some mining in here a long time ago.  In a well hidden side passage we found these old spikes. They are very rusted and brittle. There were also several cut boards that were almost completely corroded.  They broke very easily when stepped on.
 This is looking down the fissure where some mining was done.
 Judd ascending past the log pile at 125' down.

 The floor was covered in small rodent bones, as were many of the mud coated walls. 
The very bottom of the cave is just a few feet below the bottom of the picture.  The deepest point was 146', at which point the fissure is filled with mud.