Periscope Cave - 40' deep 50' long

Periscope goes vertical just inside the entrance and then follows a fissure into the mountain. We are currently surveying this cave and will have a map to display shortly.

Spencer looking down the 40' vertical crevice.
Brandon Kowallis downclimbing.
Looking straight down the crevice toward the bottom.

Shane looking down over the last and tightest drop in the cave.The cave is mostly climbable but a little sketchy at the bottom. The rope made the ascent out a little easier and safer especially with the camera gear.

Spee coming out of the longer tighter side of the cave.
I found this little guy at the bottom where I about stepped on him. He obviously didn't belong there. At least I am not aware of any cave dwelling lizards in Utah. He was cold and barely moving so I gave him a ride to the surface, back to the warm sun.

There are a few nice curtains at the bottom.
Spee admiring the few decorations in the cave.

Spee on his way out. This section was a tight squeeze and where the rope came in handy.
Once you are to the floor, the cave follows the fissure North and South. The South arm is the longest and makes for a nice tight sloped crawl.

A nice little column with some bacon in the background.
Looking back up toward the entrance.
Judd about to the surface.