Santaquin Meadows Cave

We found this natural cave a few years before the fire burnt most of Santaquin mountain (I don't recall the year). Its a fairly tight squeeze in, but opens up to an oval shaped pit about 12'x8'. Our first time there it was only 10 feet down from the entrance to the dirt floor. We began digging it out and were very surprised that the dirt was very light and uncompacted. As we got down about 15' there was a large boulder in the way and we could not continue any farther. The following year the mountain burnt right down to these ledges. It appears that the cave was discovered and a new crew completed the excavation for us. We returned the following year to find our cave completely empty.

Looking up at the skylight.

When we began excavating the dirt level was about where the upper brace logs are now.

The walls are covered in a thick layer of flowstone.

Unfortunately there was some significant damage done by the unknown excavators.