Onyx Cave

This is an old mine that ran into a natural cavern about 30 feet back. From there you can take an upper or lower shute. The upper is the decorated and more interesting side. No gear is needed for this one, but some climbing skills are helpful.

The was a nice ice pillar just inside the entrance when we were there in early April.

My brother snapped this great close up of a sleeping bat.

One of the tighter squeezes in the cave.

It opens up to a surprisingly large cavern. Although there are some wet areas in the cave, most of the formations are not growing anymore.


This is a picture looking up the ridge up one of the largest bacon I have ever seen.

An interesting jawbone foramtion.



Ryan said... | February 3, 2010 at 9:58 PM

IF anyone has more info on this cave i would be interested. Like location, est length? Give me a message at theoneandonlyryan@gmail.com