Pyrite Pit

Pyrite Pit is one of my all time favorite verts in the state. The shoulder width hole opens up a few feet in and drops into a round room about 30' down. In the center of that room is a 4' hole that drops another 50' into an eye shaped pit. The cave recieved its name from the gold looking water droplets that form in the first room.

Looking back up at the entrance from just above "Gold Room".

This hole is in the middle of "Gold Room" which gives you a great free hanging descent into the eye shaped room known as "Rock Chuck Room".

Lots of curtains and flowstone all over the lower pit.

This curtain is nearly the entire length of the second pit.
I laugh everytime I see this picture. This was our first vertical pit, and all we had for gear were two gibbs that we slid up and down the rope to each other. Good times!
Ascending this one is nice and easy, no obstructions, just rope.