Boat Box

Boat Box is a another Soapstone cave that was discovered and sketched in 1975 by Kevin Allred. The location of this cave was just recently re-discovered and we had the opportunity to go and explore it this past weekend. While we were there we discovered that the cave matched the sketch made of it, but the scale of the sketch was a bit off.

The entry was covered with rotted logs when we visited the cave.  

Looking back up the entry pit.  The old 1975 sketch of the cave showed the drop to be around 50' deep, but we measured it to be only 35' deep. From the bottom of the first drop the floor slopes steeply down to the next floor which is another 12-15' down.

Shane and Dave looking down into the entrance of the second pit. 

This is looking down from near the top of the second pit. You can see the simmer on the water below.

Its hard to see, but the water level is where the little shimmer of light is by the rope.