Professor Buss

Professor Buss is the largest of the caves in this area. There are a few interesting formations, but mainly just a lot of signatures and dates. The oldest one I could see was 1912, but there is supposes to be one dating back to 1850. Judging on the graffiti, this cave has lost popularity since the early 90's, or cavers are becoming more respectful of these places. Dan Burgner has just finished surveying the cave, and an official map should be coming soon.

The black is a layer of roots that have been grown over with calcite.

Spencer Coles and Dan Burgener.

Special thanks to Dan and his wife for showing us the way to Professor Buss. We have wasted many a day looking for caves so it was very nice to have a guide to take us straight there!

This room is covered with signatures on just about every wall, boulder and ceiling.

This is the signature of professor Buss for whom the cave is named.