Lost Josephine Cave

This is a natural cave that has been mined for several years. It is not very exciting unless you know which turn to take, and most who visit here never see the beautiful formations within. There are still active mining operations underway, and visits there are prohibited. We are currently working with the owners of the claim to survey the tunnels, as well as develop a management plan so that the cave can be visited when mining operations are inactive.
There are three entrances in this photo, with several others around the hill.

Every tunnel is wet and covered in red clay. Don't expect to get your clothes clean after exploring this one.

The only graffiti are some old charcoal dates and names.

This is just inside the main entrance.

There are several mined tunnels that shoot of in every direction. This lower one is typically filled with water until late in the year.

You can actually see the crystals forming in the bead of water.

Many places look like you have been swallowed and are in the belly of a beast.

Unfortunately there has been some damage throughout the cave. There are so many formations it is difficult to maneuver around them.