Woody's Hole

Woody's Hole is a very small Rock Canyon cave. It is only 20' deep or so and has tons of cave crickets and a really big ugly spider living inside. I believe it is named after Woody Carrol who first explored it in the mid 1970's. Rodney Horrocks did a paleontological excavation with Chris Laycock there several years ago, and the bones from that dig are in the BYU Earth Science Museum collections.
The entry is very tight and uncomfortable.
There is a thick layer of Flowstone around the entry.
Shane climbing out.

The tight spot.

Looking down the steep chute to the dirt floor bottom.

Some serrated bacon.

We found this old glass cup at the bottom. It looks to be filled with wax, and could have been used to light the cave during the dig.

These are some of the collection of bones that were extracted during the paleontological dig. They are held at the BYU Earth Science Muesum.

The sunset was catching the tops of the trees on the hike down the canyon. Beautiful time of year to be out!