Neffs Cave

Neffs Cave is the second deepest cave in the state at 1,165 feet deep with 4,122 feet of mapped passages. We were able to do Neffs Cave a year or so ago, and it was one of the tougher ones I have ever done. Due to the agreement we signed to go in the cave, we are not able to post pictures of it here, but you can go to the timp grotto site and read a full historical description of the discovery and exploration of what was Utahs deepest cave until Main Drain was discovered and fully explored. Neffs Cave should not be atempted by novice cavers. There are several sketchy downclimbs that are usually wet, as well as a few places to get stuck if you take the wrong turn. While this is a great adventure, I don't recommend going unless you are up for the challenge.

Here is a link to the plan view of the cave.

Here is a link to the profile view of the cave.